What are adapters?

We are often asked, "What is an adapter and do I need it?". Let's take a look at Kayenta Outdoors rack adapters to see how they can help you. Today we have 2 adapters: the Cargo Bike Adapter, and the Fender Adapter. They each perform different functions.

Cargo Bike Adapter

As the name implies, the Cargo Bike Adapter can be useful for cargo bikes, but as we will see, it is a great option for any bike. This adapter is a ratcheting tie-down with a padded hook. With these you can securely tie down any bike. They are especially helpful for bikes with cargo racks and baskets. They secure to the frame of the bike without damaging baskets, side bags or cargo racks. Personally I use them for any type of bike because they add peace of mind that my bike will not move around during transport.


Fender Adapter

So when do I need a fender adapter? Well, the simple answer is any time that the fender extends below the top of the tire. Most bikes with fenders will not need this adapter on the front fender, but will need one for the rear fender. As shown in this photo, the fender adapter reaches under the fender to press against the tire without touching the fender. This protects fragile fenders from being scraped or bent and applies maximum pressure between the rack arm and the tire (for securing the bike).


Now you know what Kayenta Outdoors adapters do and how they can help you secure your precious cargo. Stay tuned for more tips and ideas for getting outdoors and extending your adventures!


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