Our Rack Lineup

We're excited to announce some new players in our lineup. You've come to know the Load 'n' Lift Deluxe. Now meet the Load 'n' Lift Basic and Plus models.


Basic image


Introducing the Load 'n' Lift Basic rack. This model is built on the same platform as our Load 'n' Lift Deluxe, but does not include the Power Pack. This model suits the enthusiast who carries a cordless drill or driver on their adventures. With the Load 'n' Lift Basic you supply the power. We supply our strong Load 'n' Lift platform.

Basic Features:

  • Lift and drop mechanism with 200 lb. capacity
  • Easy roll-on trays to avoid manual lifting
  • Compatibility with virtually any bike, including bikes with fenders and balloon tires

Now available for immediate purchase. Orders will be delivered as stock is available (currently about 30 days).


Because sometimes you need the strongest rack on the market, but don't want to throw out your back lifting your ebikes onto the rack!

Based on our world-class Load 'n' Lift Deluxe, this Plus rack can handle the toughest conditions. It is RV rated (see details).

All of the features of the Deluxe model but it does not tilt. A small price to pay when you need an RV rated rack. See rack comparison chart. The Plus will also be available in a 3 bike version.

Plus Features:

  • Extra strong, reinforced hitch arm.
  • Includes Cargo Bike Adapters! No additional cost.
  • Does not Tilt!
  • Automatic lift and drop mechanism with 200 lb. capacity
  • Easy roll-on trays to avoid manual lifting
  • Heavy duty motor with rechargeable battery
  • Compatibility with virtually any bike, including bikes with fenders and balloon tires

Preorder today in order to reserve your rack and get the best discount ($500 off $1,999). Pay only $200 at checkout. Pay the remaining $1,299 when the rack is ready to ship. Full refund if cancelled before shipment.


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