Assembly & Use

Here you can find the latest assembly & use instructions, videos and helps for your Kayenta Outdoors products. Remember that it is your responsibility to properly assemble and use Kayenta products. Failure to do so could void the product warranty. See the warranty for details.

Assembly & Installation

Before assembling or using your Kayenta product read and understand these precautions.

User Guide:

Click here for the latest PDF version of the printed User Guide. This guide explains how to assemble and use your rack.

Cargo Bike Adapter User Guide.

Fender Adapter User Guide.


The following videos visually demonstrate how to assemble and use your Kayenta Outdoors product.

Assembling the rack Play video
Loading a bike [Add video]
Hitch Tightener Usage Play video
Fender Adapter Install Play video
Fender Adapter Use [Add video]
Cargo Bike Adapter Install and Use Play video

Proper Use

Proper use of Kayenta Outdoors products is critical to safety and extends the life of the product. Here are things to remember.

1. Proper use of any carrier/rack product starts with making sure that your vehicle hitch receiver meets the conditions of use and is in good working order. Consult your vehicle guide or manufacturer documentation regarding the limits of your hitch receiver.

2. Make sure that the carrier/rack has been properly mounted and secured in the vehicle hitch receiver. Never operate the rack or vehicle until it has been securely attached to the vehicle and the tightening knob has been properly tightened.

3. Never operate the vehicle until the carrier/rack has been secured in the raised position and bikes have been properly secured.

4. Perform periodic maintenance as described in our maintenance instructions.

Troubleshooting problems

For troubleshooting help consult the troubleshooting page.