7 Things We Love About Load 'n' Lift

There is a lot to love about the Kayenta Outdoors Load 'n' Lift Deluxe. In this article we tell you our favorites, and zoom in on what makes this rack perfect for all ability levels. So join us for an up close and personal tour.


#7 - Sleek design

This rack is made of high strength aluminum which is then powder coated for durability, and the design is very refined. Each component was thoughtfully designed to be strong while also compact and sleek. The current tower (the vertical part that does the work) is 40% slimmer than the original prototype. The rack trays (that bikes sit on) have gone through multiple design iterations. Now they are stronger and easier to clean. The Power Pack (powers the rack up and down) is easier to use and smarter, thanks to a custom electronic circuit.


#6 - No wobble

Nobody likes to wobble. More importantly, we don't like our bike rack to wobble. Kayenta Outdoors engineers have studied every aspect of what makes a strong, secure product. Here are a couple of things that get rid of that wobble.

Hitch Tightener: The hitch tightener wedges the hitch shank into your hitch receiver so it works like a single welded unit. No more side-to-side or up-down movement between the rack and the hitch receiver.

Precision Joints: The next important place where wobble has been reduced is in the tilt and fold joints. These locations have been precision engineered for maximum strength and minimum play. This results in a rack that is strong, functional, and that does not wobble.


#5 - Folds up neatly

The Load 'n' Lift Deluxe folds flat for transport or storage. First, the rack trays can be folded up flat against the Rack Tower. This is perfect when you don't have bikes on the rack. Next, when the rack has been removed from your vehicle you can rotate the hitch shank so it is flat with the tower. This is the position it was in when you received your rack.

If you want to store the rack and space is tight you could even remove the trays and fit it back in the box it shipped in! That's a nice, clean storage option.


#4 - 2 Tilt Positions

Sometimes you just need to get your helmet out of the back of your SUV/Hatchback. That's when the tilt feature comes in handy. The Load 'n' Lift Deluxe has 2 tilt positions.

The first one (34 degrees) works with most Hatchback and SUV back hatches. This tilts the rack out of the way so the back of the vehicle can be opened.

For truck tailgates there is an 80 degree tilt position. This gets the rack down far enough that a tailgate can be opened. The 80 degree tilt position only be used when the rack is unloaded and the trays have been folded up. Otherwise the tray will contact the ground. Caution: Kayenta does not recommend tilting with ebikes loaded because of the extra strain on your vehicle.


#3 - Secure Trays

The rack trays (that the bikes sit on) are designed to secure many sizes of bikes (wheel sizes 12" - 29", wheelbases 29" - 55", tire widths 1" - 5.2"). Bikes are secured by a front tire chuck, a front and back tire arm, and multiple tire straps. With these attached the bike tires are held firmly in place. Each tray has a channel that fits around that tire and they designed with an angle that helps hold the tire securely in place.

Bonus - Great Adapters

We can't talk about securing your bike and not mention the Kayenta Fender Adapter and the Cargo Bike Adapter. These add-ons add extra security for many classes of bikes. You can read more about these awesome adapters in this recent blog article.


#2 - Strength

The Load 'n' Lift Deluxe is made from high strength aluminum for the best combination of strength and weight. Each part is designed to hold up to tough conditions while meeting the expectations of the Kayenta lifetime warranty. This is so important because e-bikes can weigh up to 80 pounds.


#1 - Unique Lift

Of course the number reason we love the Load 'n' Lift rack is the patent pending lift design. This is the "Back Saver". The lift mechanism "Does the heavy lifting for you". The Kayenta proprietary design lifts heavy bikes with the flip of a switch. It makes it possible for persons of any ability level to safely transport heavy e-bikes to locations where they can have new, fun adventures!


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