Cargo Bike Adapter Usage

General Information

As the name implies, the Cargo Bike Adapter can be useful for cargo bikes, but it is a great option for any bike. This adapter is a ratcheting tie-down with a padded hook. With these you can securely tie down any bike. They are especially helpful for bikes with cargo racks and baskets.



Please review our warnings and precautions page before using your rack or any adapter.


Assembly and Usage

If your cargo bike adapter was not installed at the factory then you will need to attach it to the correct location on each tray. Each adapter is secured to a position on the side of a tray called a Cargo Bike Adapter Mount (see image).

Make certain that the adapter is securely fastened to the mounting position so it does not come off during transit.

See this video for detailed assembly and usage.

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Using the Adapter

  1. To use the adapter press the small red button. This button unlocks the internal ratchet.
  2. Now pull on the hook and pull out enough of the strap to reach a spot on the frame of your bike where it is safe to attach the hook.
  3. Attach the hook to the bike (or wrap the strap over the frame and connect the hook back onto the strap).
  4. Press the red button again and simultaneously move the ratchet handle upward.
  5. Release the red button.
  6. Now move the ratchet handle up and down to tighten the strap. Do not over tighten or you could harm your bike.


Still having problems with an adapter?

Checkout this video for help.

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